Our mission is to help you achieve your ambitions by boosting your business. With exciting membership categories BEE Global members have access to a world of opportunities to learn, network, protect and grow their businesses.

  1. 1. Learn: Our seminar programme covers a wide range of business-related topics including IP protection, working with agents and distributors, care labelling, e-commerce, licensing, marketing and global market opportunities. Our skilled specialists and training team can help you identify the right industry training options for your business.
  2. 2. Network: Raise your profile and meet other industry professionals at our diverse range of meetings and events. Our broad network offers multiple opportunities to promote your company and showcase your brand.
  3. 3. Protect: Take advantage of our free HR and employment services, browse sample contracts and templates, and stay up-to-date with the latest guidance on health and safety.
  4. 4. Grow: Growth is a key goal for any business. We connect you with global opportunities while helping you choose the right growth strategy. Join the tribe of like-minded entrepreneurs and gain the tools to build your business and prepare for the future.
  5. In addition, all BEE Global members will benefit from the following:
    ■  Business ecosystem
       A global business enhancement ecosystem of success business partners connecting humanity for prosperity.
    ■ Business advice and information
       Related to brand development and plans, exporting and reaching new markets.
    ■ Individual support focused on your business needs
      Assistance with sales strategy, market trends and partners that are best for your business, marketing and PR advice, administrative and logistical issues, IP protection, business plans and strategies, range planning and pricing, etc.
    ■ One-to-one support on developing an export strategy and routes to market
       Including help with paperwork and introduction to strategic partners.
    ■ Advice on sourcing and manufacturing
       Bespoke manufacturer matchmaking
    ■ Peer to peer mentoring
       And advice via our established network and contacts.
    ■ Partnerships
       Facilitating introductions between member businesses for collaboration, partnerships and best practice sharing.
    ■ Networking
      Exclusive networking opportunities with other banks and businesses across the rest of the industry.
    ■ Promotion
       The opportunity to promote your business to the network through our website, social media, newsletter and other platforms.